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A winning trio: order, comfort and white


The entrance is through a central courtyard where natural light welcomes us to the dwelling and provides space to park the owner’s bicycles and surfboards. In their apartment the young couple seek the calm that, as surfers, they prefer not to encounter in the sea.

“The volumes designed for convenience and visual comfort transmit whatever story you want to tell”

Recovering the historical character of the place

The character of this 80 m2 urban dwelling located on a property with a history of more than 100 years is defined by the recovery of an item hidden by the passage of time: the central wooden T after which it is named and which frames the kitchen and living room to endow the open-plan design with amplitude.
The central island of this open space features a kitchen of linear design that can be concealed in a cabinet with sliding doors and also houses the microwave oven, fridge, a folding bed and a pantry cupboard.

The oak dining table also emerges from this island. One of the legs of the table is designed as a shelf that complements the reading alcove.
A small area near the sofa has been designed in black iron as a little writing table and also provides the bathroom with visibility through a one-way mirror, ensuring that visual communication is maintained at all times. The apartment has two double bedrooms that meet all the clients’ needs.


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