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Art of Mind


Treating one of the most complex human entities – the mind – with sensitivity and respect


The design concept of this office works on the feeling of embrace, protection and wrapping. Susanna Cots has worked with particular sensitivity the distribution of spaces, lighting and visual harmony with the objective of instilling to patients, “the feeling of being in the right place”.

“Making the complex simple, as John Pawson shows, is one of the greatest challenges in medical interior architecture”

Symbolic architecture that transmits calmness to the patient
We have played with symbolism and strength of materials to get the sense of security in this office and, to this end, we designed two large hardwood cubes located in two strategic locations.
The first welcomes people at the entrance and accompanies them to the second, which is situated in the central office, where all communication centres and that crosses the wall of the waiting room.
The tour through the office aims to strengthen the emotions through the white and visual cleanliness, which we understand, that “provide oxygen, calm and serenity.”

Connecting the space with people through art and nature
Susanna Cots designs two key points in this project, thanks to the complicity with nature and the emotional concept transformed into sculpture. The organic look is found in the main office, where we designed a space for meetings and group medical visits and where a small vertical garden that provides the dose of “oxygen” that follows the project is located.
Moreover, as a piece of sculpture and referring to the medical specialty of the office, the word “mind” is designed in wood and which acts as a spacer and, simultaneously, as a visual communicator of all the space. The game of lights and shadows that makes this piece with the sun is magical.


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