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Copper House


The leap to copper – fills every detail of this home.


When you arrive somewhere, it may take a while for your eyes to adjust and for you to feel that you are processing all the details of what you see.


As well as inviting you to feel every detail with your eyes closed, arriving at this home is an invitation for you to discover the existential meaning of each detail.


From nature comes copper.

From the senses come textures and the earth.

From perfection comes the perfect asymmetry between beautiful and emotionally functional.


The connection between what we are outside and what we are inside



This space is born from the most minimalist detail that seeks to return to what it was before, honouring copper, its earthy colour and the texture of security.


From the table legs to the texture of the leather on the drawers, arriving at the symmetry created with the breakfast bar, Susanna Cots proposes an interior design reminiscent of jewellery.


“he details, as Eames declared, make the design of this project.

The designer recreates a game of textures between the colours, the materials and her nod to nature.

The prominence of light


In this home, before it was what it is now, we already felt that the interior design should merely complement what already belonged inside it: its wonderful natural light.


We opened it up to connect and unite the interior with the exterior and allow this confusion to feel every season of the year.


The balance of white


White – our studio's hallmark – brings silence to the dialogue established between the different shades that we find in the details, in the copper tones, the earthy colours and the textures of leather from the furniture that Susanna Cots created exclusively for this home.


The same is found in the kitchen and bathroom, which are both in white with details of copper.

The strength of wood


We save the integrity of the oak for the rooms on the upper floor. Two full suites where we achieve a warm embrace in the large bedroom thanks to the covered walls that contain a fireplace and a small desk, with the same copper details as the office on the ground floor.



The perfect fittings for every detail


The square sofa, designed by Susanna Cots and manufactured by Flexiform; the design of the desk to match the breakfast bar, the details of the drawers, the upholstered stools in the kitchen, the two sinks as the two nuclei of family interaction, the taps which match the lamps, the headboard and the jewellery cabinet, the towel racks...


All these fittings work because they serve one major objective: wellbeing at home, respect for the rhythm of each person, the integration of the wisdom of nature.


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