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Emotions and circadian rhythms set the pace for this living interior design in the new Dareels store.


The desire to return to origins and recover what belongs to nature has allowed the designer to spin this story into a design that faithfully recreates the vital rhythms of everyday life in a way that is faithful to nature.

The design concept of this project arises from purity and the elimination of everything superfluous, while seeking to reflect visitors’ immediate emotions, personalising their experience in real time through its well-known invisible design elements.

The definition provided by neuroscience explains it perfectly: light influences and shapes the circadian rhythms that regulate our mind, our activities and our well-being. If we were not to see sunlight for a long time, the effects on our body would be devastating.

Design that respects the rhythm of light in nature and its effects on the body and the mind

The application of biodynamic light in the retail of Susanna Cots’ interior design project for Dareels comes hand-in-hand with a premise based on respect. Respect for what is natural. Respect for what is conscious. Respect for what is organic.

“We don’t shop in the same way in the morning or the afternoon, or with different types of music, or with certain smells”, says designer Susanna Cots. We are also unaware that the decision is not made by us, but that the neurotransmitters in our brain that receive information from our environment end up influencing our final decisions: whether to stay or flee. In the most natural and archaic form of human survival.

This is literally a living space, where the greatest work is done subtly and effectively by our invisible elements, lighting and nature. Both elements act as changing and mutable protagonists in the service of the essence of the Dareels brand that its founders wanted to convey: the beautifully imperfect reclaimed wood and the artisanal process of all its design pieces.

The three lungs of life in the new Dareels concept store

The designer has created three plant-related sensitive points with the floral artist Mireia Abras, as a metaphor and similarity to the heartbeat of nature to introduce it inside the space that expand like oxygen centres.

The main lung, a core of vegetation located at the back of the establishment, is framed in a glass and iron cube and seeks to attract our gaze and consolidate the different emotions that we feel at each specific moment of the day.

It is a living space that evolves in parallel with circadian rhythms, those imperceptible physical and mental changes that we experience throughout the day in which light plays an important role in making our decisions.

Thus, the morning lighting in the space will be similar to the intensity perceived outside at that time of day. And in the same way, the lighting will evolve subtly in the afternoon, assimilating to the golden hour at the end of the day.

Isn’t it true that the intensity of our thoughts and actions is not the same?

Biodynamic lighting allows for invisible contact with nature from the heart of the city.

The second plant lung is fully integrated with one of the most emblematic original elements of the store: a 1960s-era staircase that we have maintained and strengthened by creating a plant cloud that houses the brand’s lamps.

Finally, on the lower floor, we find another small lung to create this feeling of a bond between the brand’s values, nature, lighting and well-being.


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