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Dawn House


Interior design help to structure the routines of daily life more efficiently and healthily


The visual projection of the inner order and well-being that the owners were looking for in their new home

The colour white, the motivation to create a space of well-being for the people who inhabit it and the ability to work on invisible elements so that communication in the family flows imperceptibly are the three aspects at the origin of this interior design by Susanna Cots.

“A space can facilitate a recovery environment, a healthy environment and, ultimately, a therapeutic environment. The design and interior design help to structure the routines of daily life more efficiently and healthily”.

A minimalist and emotional design guided by nature

Dawn Home started from an exceptional location at the foot of the imposing Montserrat mountains. This location made finding its horizon and its lighthouse easy: to see and enjoy the sunrise from as many perspectives as possible.

Nature was already drawing us a part of the plan. The rest would come easily by meeting the family in the home.

A house with a design that promotes well-being and communication

We start by giving an intention to each floor. On the ground floor, we open all the spaces, from the open kitchen, created as a wooden cube, to the connection between the dining room and the living room. The visual junction was established through the dining room table and the flooring helps to delimit the spaces.

The wall of the dining room houses a bench as a space for diners at the table, which extends into the living room until it reaches the fireplace. This is another key element to integrate the exterior with the interior, since it is a mixed space that coexists inside and outside the home.

A space for each personality and a design for each moment

We dedicate the entire first floor to the young teenagers of the family, starting with the creation of two symmetrical suites, each with their own personality and hobbies. The junction consists of a glass and iron cubicle, which in addition to expanding the floor, is the meeting area to share readings, games and home theatre sessions.

The upper floor is entirely dedicated to the suite: an open and intimate space at the same time, allowing subtle communication between the bedroom, shower area and dressing room.

We expand the room with a glass fish tank to create a small office inside it, also oriented to enjoy the sunrise. Another junction is found in the micro-cement head that runs along the wall of the room and blends into the bathroom and shower area.

Through the invisibility of the elements of good design, this sensitive design by Susanna Cots facilitates the creation of a new home.


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