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From the Roots


Sensitive interior architecture for a centre where great projects are born


Further than creating a professional environment, this project symbolizes the beginning of a very special relationship within families. We have used four basic elements:

The roots
Two large oak trees welcome clients and subtly accompany them throughout their visit. The strength that the concept of the roots gives off, holds on to clients from the entrance thanks to a studied lighting and distribution. Susanna Cots makes family values tangible through design.

Sensitive interior architecture for a centre where great projects are born

The bond to life
We have designed a space aimed to creating connections through sensitivity and emotions. In the project, the materialization of this bond to life is very visual.

On one hand, the reception-waiting room has been created as one piece so that clients feel accompanied all the time. On the other, the corridor that connects this area with the consulting rooms has been projected as a great wooden cube slightly illuminated –again, looking for the roots in nature- that symbolizes the transition to life.

The experience
The owners of the centre wished to escape the usual “cold feeling” of clinics. The differentiation had to be materialized both through the experience of the client and interior design. Susanna Cots has achieved a warm space where families are included in the whole process, highlighting, at the same time, minimal and professional design.

A tribute to the colour white
The emblem colour of our study acquires even more relevance in this project, being the colour that ties us to life and purity. The clinic’s minimal design has been worked in a way to warmly welcome the new families that are being born.


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