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Museu de la Xocolata


The most unknown chocolate design
Susanna Cots designs the new R&D laboratory for the Museu de la Xocolata


The interior architect Susanna Cots was responsible for refurbishment of the premises devoted to dissemination and research activity located inside the museum itself.

The most unknown chocolate design
Susanna Cots designs the new R&D laboratory for the Museu de la Xocolata.

Space for training in equipment and open-space dissemination
The starting point was the creation of three multi-purpose areas that could work both as training rooms, as a space for events and as an R&D laboratory for the chocolate sector.
On the upper floor, where two adjacent classrooms are located, the space has been designed with glass divisions that join or separate the two areas depending on the Museum’s needs.
The lower floor contains the third room, designed with the same criteria to foster confidence, transparency and the visibility of the project. The lighting project has also been essential for this reason. Subtle but efficient, it meets the demands of making a product that respects the designer’s attention to detail and satisfies the customers’ needs.

The design game: the visible versus the invisible
The great challenge in this project was to create a versatile, functional space, but that is not the only goal it has achieved. Beyond the initial briefing, the interior architect has produced an emotional design that has created a play of contrasts between what is seen and what is not.
A remarkable feature of the training room glazing is that it can be concealed inside the cabinets that house the kitchens, fridges, ovens and toilets.
Thus, the contrast between the visible/invisible is a resource associated with the needs arising from the Museum’s activity: the transparency in research versus the secrets that hide behind the pleasures of chocolate.


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