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Natural Empordà


Let the natural take its placeLet the natural take its placeLet the natural take its place

Cast off the layers: of history, of paint, of stone, of emotions. A 300-year-old home ends up superimposing the layers of time, one on top of the other. They will mutate in a way that is far removed from the original.

Making the complex simple


In this 300 m² home in Empordà, the starting point was authenticity: restoring it and reconnecting with it. It was a complex brief where, in addition to working in a space that’s over 300 years old, a design that allowed connection and intimacy was sought.



Authenticity in nature


Returning to the purity of nature brought with it a process of acceptance and respect. Understanding that this home doesn’t even contain a right angle helped us to appreciate and value the beauty of imperfection and pay tribute to it.


Just like nature itself.


Looking not only for inspiration but also for practicality, lime mortar was chosen for the continuous paving, allowing the floors to breathe and preventing moisture.


The ceiling beams and Catalan vault have also been restored and painted in white, to work on the concept of unity and give light to all the rooms. It is a colour that represents the essence of this project.


Likewise, all the furniture, custom-designed by Susanna Cots, has been made with solid chestnut wood, in keeping with the natural style of the stone walls.

Even though time has led us to address different needs in terms of comfort, the emotions are the same: well-being, family, refuge.


This is where we’ve returned to with this design. We’ve returned home.

Symmetry and fire, always side by side


The designer’s hallmark of creating symmetrical spaces that connect the interior with the exterior can be found in the kitchen. An essential space for family connection, which has its alter ego in the garden porch.


The other symmetrical feature that often appears in this studio’s projects are the fireplaces, located in different areas of the home. In this design, the fireplace in the master suite, located on the upper floor, is the essence of the house.

Two spaces for reading and well-being


Continuing with the duality of spaces, on both the lower and upper floors we find two living rooms. The one on the ground floor was designed as a reading nook close to the fireplace, and the one on the upper floor is surrounded by a bookcase and desks.


In the connection between spaces, a staircase designed for storage can be seen.


On the first floor, the three remaining suites are situated. Each room has its own bathroom and an individual style to give the children in the family their own space; each adapted to the evolution of their different ages.


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