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One Wave


To live facing the sea, with the city behind you


The design concept was based on a kaleidoscopic look in which any view had to be complemented by the sea.

“All projects have a special kind of light: the secret is to discover and empower it”

A space open to natural light and inner life

How can we transform a dark volume into a diaphanous apartment? The first thing Susanna Cots did when she sat down to work on this project was to get rid of the partition walls. Then she designed a space that not only invites real communication, but also entices energy to flow between rooms.

One Wave has two great cores: the daytime zone that unites the kitchen, living room and dining room in a single volume, and the intimacy of a suite with its open bathroom fully integrated with the sleeping area.

A space open to inner life

The kitchen is conceived as an open space with a U-shaped design centred on the American-style bar counter that acts both as a workspace and the ideal spot to enjoy a good breakfast.

The suite includes an open bathroom that fosters relaxation and calm. It features a bedside bath that transforms into a bench and also serves as a space partition cubicle.


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