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Get more space and get an interior and exterior complicity


Susanna Cots has managed to capture the personality of the inhabitants in this design: a family with a desire to leave the daily stress and hustle far behind in a supremely comfortable space endowed with the maximum convenience.

The key element that makes this interior-exterior union so special is an outside fireplace outlined by a black frame that encompasses the outside patio and joins it visually to the living room, creating a generous common area.

“Authentic luxury lies in things you hardly notice, but when you enter its space there is an indefinable something that enchants you.”

A glass lung in the heart of the dwelling that distributes the most private area
At the heart of the dwelling there is a room that serves as a nerve centre for rest, disconnection and study for both adults and young people. It is composed of glass and timber elements and features a lighting fixture in wooden slats that frame the luminaires, contributing continuity to the entire volume.

One of the most unique areas of this development is found along the passage, where timber-lined panels with white enamel paintwork recover the essence of the panels with mouldings from the 1950s in a contemporary interpretation.

At the same time the designer has used these panels to conceal various rooms such as the courtesy bathroom the main suite and children’s rooms.

Intimacy and seclusion in the sleeping area
Composed of four rooms, the design of the sleeping area brings together two basic materials: oak and white enamel paintwork. On the one hand, both the parquet and the platforms and furnishings are finished in wooden planks by the Italian firm Listone Giorano. In contrast, the clarity and lightness of these rooms is due to the white enamel paintwork. The combination achieves a timeless effect where tranquillity and serenity find, at last, their place in the Catalonian capital.


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