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White Houses


Susanna Cots’ new design for a home of architects


The harmony of white, the solidness of wood and the elegance of natural stone. From this, a project was born; one that looked to work with suggestion and transparency, to give it strength through simple, minimalist design.

“The visual communication between the spaces of this project is marked by a dialogue between wood, white and natural stone.”

A trinomial that glides, both inside and out, through each of the four floors of this family home of architects; a family who wanted to build this project, of their life and work, in a unique space.

Working with transparency and suggestion was one of the requirements of this family for their home on the Costa Dorada. Subtlety has been the aesthetic guide for Susanna Cots’ design, working with these invisible elements to give consistency to the character of each space.

Wood represents the connecting element between the interior and exterior, through the laminate that covers the exterior facade, and which continues indoors, in key spaces such as the kitchen, the staircase and the master bedroom.

The kitchen is integrated into a cube whose wooden skin glides into the dining room, creating a laminated wall that subtly separates the rooms. This skin blends in with the main furniture in the living room, done in black, which works as a space for closed cupboards.

The use of noble materials continues on the upper floors, covering the stairs to the different floors and creating the wall of the hallway, where the bedrooms are. The laminate completes its journey, becoming the headboard of the house’s master bedroom.

Black is the colour chosen to give meaning and intention to the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea seen from the house. They are subtly used in the metallic detail of the windows, the furniture in the living room and the black detail in the kitchen. It connects to the outside through a symmetrical creation which is parallel to the interior, the exterior kitchen and the matt black mosaic pool.

The lighting was devised to unite and connect the spaces in a subtle and imperceptible way. It brings out the flow of natural light that enters each room, creating a great emotional modulator for both family and professional life.


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