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Suite Sea


The hotel suite where you would love to live in Barcelona.
Susanna Cots designs an apartment inspired by a luxurious suite beside the sea.

Suite Sea

The owners of this apartment wanted to feel the same pleasure as a visitor who arrives at the hotel for the first time and meets the sea as if a knowing look has passed between them.  They wanted to enjoy all the creature comforts with a minimalist style: simplicity, where the luxury if felt inside oneself.

Suite Sea

The interior architecture is focused on the sea from all angles.

Susanna Cots opens the space to this desire and transforms it into a wall-less cube where each façade connects directly to the sea.The central cube consists of the kitchen on one side and the suite with its dressing room and bathroom on the other.

The kitchen, dining room and lounge are conceived as an open space oriented to the sea.

The connection between the two sides is the double-ended fireplace that can be enjoyed both in the lounge and in the bedroom.

Once in the suite, the design once more integrates the sea into all its rooms, opening the shower to the outside and converting it into the bed’s headboard. Just another detail that enables the Mediterranean to be contemplated from anywhere in the apartment.

The furnishings, all exclusive Susanna Cots designs, are made of glossy chipboard which completes the connection with the sea as it is reflected in the surfaces from all directions.


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